A foundation for good

The Driving Force behind Vita Inu and eliminating fees in the financial system

The VINU Foundation supports VINU in its goals to widen and equalize access to environmentally-friendly blockchain technology.


The mission of VINU Foundation is widening and equalizing access to environmentally-friendly and fee-less blockchain technology in the form of DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) across the world.


A world where the everyone can benefit from the revolutionary potential of environmentally-friendly blockchain technology without the need for middlemen gradually leeching fees from users.


We are built on the principles of transparency and accountability. Community members and investors are informed of key decisions about the VINU project, and invited to examine our supply and transactions on the blockchain. No shady business.

When using a DEX, the first thing that a user notices is that there is a native token needed for gas fees (Network fees). On VinuSwap, there are ZERO gas fees because of the native network's properties. This baseline advantage against DEXs on other popular blockchains cannot be replicated or overcome, without the latter changing their fundamental properties. Unless such radical changes are made, VinuSwap stands tall above the competition.

Designer Clothing Line

We are not just a cryptocurrency project. We are also a lifestyle brand associated with, and promoting the ideas of, eco-friendliness. Our designer and general merchandise are ethically sourced and produced, in line with our commitment to being an ethical and non-exploitative project. A portion of proceeds will be donated (quarterly) to environmental organizations. The rest are channeled back into the VINU DAO reserves, for the continued development of the project.